January 3, 2010


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Dogs laugh, but they LAUGH with their tails."
-- Max Eastman

Happy New Year friends!!!

Before I start my post about our trip to the country, Mommy has something she wants say. "Hurry up, Mommy, I gots lots of pictures to show my friends.?"

Mommy here.........."When our old computer died it took every picture I had taken in the last 5 years or been given from all of you. Dachsies Rules Mom, Mary, is going to try get them from our old hard drive but that means I have none of your pictures now. Until then I would like to ask Mona's friends to send us some snow pictures of you guys. I would like to do a series of posts spotlighting dogs and kitty cats this winter. I have picked several from the Internet but they are just pictures of dogs not dear Mona's friends. So if you would like to have a place of honor on one of Mona's posts please e-mail one to us. Please say where you live so we can see just who gets the most snow.............thanks"

Mona here........."Oh my DOG, where do I star?. We had the most fantastic time. I haven't seen my Mommy smile so much in over a month and she's well again!! Aunt Tina and Chris with their dogs didn't make it, so instead of 14 dogs, we only had 10 of my best dachsie friends and Emma. She is a lab/pit bull and ? mixed puppy that is about 5 months old. She is Aunt Bec's new dog that was also rescued by Aunt Bec. All rescues are very important and it doesn't matter what kind either."

Dec 31, 2009.

Mommy made me wait until almost 4pm before we left for Aunt Judy's to spend the night. She said she had a lot to do and had a lot of errands to run. "Just why couldn't she have done all that stuff after work Wednesday?" I sat and sat and sat all day looking out the patio door waiting for her to come home. "Can you see how disappointed I was?"

Mommy promised me that she would bye me a new harness so I would look pretty for my Sammy. Here is the one Mommy picked for me. Mommy's says I'm pretty in pink. What do you think?

These pics were taken after the Mommies came back from dinner. Mommy decided I needed to be furminated. I wouldn't sit still so my backside didn't get done all the way.

These next pictures were taken were taken after Mommy tried to furminate me.


Harley, Bandit and George


We didn't play much outside cause it was kinda chilly and we figured the sooner we got to bed, the sooner we could get up and head for the country New Year's Day.

Jan 1, 2010

We got up bright and early rearing to go. But NO!! The Mommies had to take showers, eat breakfast, drink coffee and watch the news. They just weren't as excited as us dachshunds. We had our breakfasts and waited and waited and waited. It was 9:30 before the old timers were ready to go.

Loaded up and ready to go.

"Hey Mommies, what's the hold up. We are ready to go!!"

"Forget it Brooklyn, Mommy will never let you drive"

Brooklyn trying to get Mommy to let her drive to the country.

We finally got there at 11:30. Almost all the morning wasted waiting on the Mommies.

Some front yard action.

We was all busy greeting each other and checking out the new kid on the block. Emma thinks she's a dachshund like us. She is so cute. I like her but she chewed the flower off my harness!!

Bandit with Roxie,my Sammy and Andy.

Emma checking everybody out.

Emma sniffing George.

Follow the leader.

Something interesting was in the weeds around this tree

Some backyard deck action.

Emma standing over Andy.

Emma -- Isn't she pretty!!
Some inside action:

George, Bandit, Brooklyn & Emma


Emma's and some dachsie butts.......heehee!!
Mommy here........"There is a video that goes with this picture of the dogs doing what they like best.....begging for treats but I was unable to load any videos today. In it you can see all 11 of the dogs. Sorry, I will try to load it again tomorrow."

Heading home.

The day was just to short. Maybe if the Mommies hadn't taken so long to get ready.....

Brooklyn---guess she wanted to help her Mommy drive home. No luck then either.

What is a trip to the country without some cow action? Mommy & Aunt Judy wanted to see what Brooklyn would do when she saw a cow but none came around until we was leaving. Me and all the dogs went crazy barking at this Mommy and her calf from the inside of the car. They was right on the side of the road just before the private gate and Mommy took these pictures through the window from the passenger side so that aren't to good.

What at geat day to start off the new year!!




adopted 12/01/09.........Indiana

adopted 12/05/09.........Bryan

adopted 12/07/9...........Mitzie

adopted 12/17/09.........Bella #2


adopted 12/19/09.........Daisy #5

adopted 12/19/09.........Bruni

adopted 12/20/09.........Rio

adopted 12/20/09.........Doc

adopted 12/21/09.........Ty

adopted 12/26/09.........Sloane

adopted 12/29/09.........Mitch

adopted 12/30/09.........Cara

adopted 12/31/09.........Biscuit

Sorry, but when my old computer died it took all our DROH pictures with it too.


Mommy isn't sure how much over we were but knows that it was quite a bit. But it will never be enough, until dogs stop being abused or thrown away, it never will be. "Why do some people hate us so much?" We are so happy for the lucky 14 that went to their forever homes in December but know it will never end. The year is only 3 days old and DROH have taken in 7 more already and my Aunt Judy is picking up 2 more tomorrow......it never ends and like DROH motto says

"Until there is none, save one"


Be back tmorrow with pictures taken yesterday before we came home from Aunt Judy's. Hope you liked the pics.

Love, kisses aqnd {{{huggies}}} to all...........Mona


Dexter said...

Mona! We need your peemail to send you snow photos.

PeeWee is in love with Emma. No surprise there, huh.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Wowie what a grrrreat post. All full of dog fun. Your new harness is just beautiful. Pink is certainly your color.

Anonymous said...
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♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh, Mona, what a wonderful time you all had. And it is wonderful to hear that Mom is feeling so much better. We hope Mary can get the pics back for you. We just did a snow post today so feel free to take any pics you want. Or if you see one in particular you like, mom will email it to you.

We love your new harness and pink was definitely a great choice.

Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

Joe Stains said...

What a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures. The harness was perfect, with just a little shine to make you even cuter.

Thanks for sharing all the DROH news too.

Taffy said...

Hi Mona! Gosh its good to see you! We are still getting caught up from our internet troubles. You sure have been a busy girl over the past few weeks. I love, love, love that new harness on you. I have a picture of me in the snow on my blog if you want to take it but you probably won't get much more than that cause I don't like it. It is soooooo cold and it is snowing more right now :o(

Huskee and Hershey said...

Happy New Year Mona (and Mommy)!

Sadly, we have no snow here or we'd have loved to send you some photos.. :(

You look pretty in every color, Mona, but you look exceptionally pretty in pink (it's our mom's fav color too!)..

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

you and your sweet mommy have ha d the best time ever!!!!
We can see how much you were happy with all your family close to you!!!!
So many dogs....WOWOWOWOWOOOOO...what a pawty!!!!
And we LOVE LOVE LOVE your new pink harness...you look soooooooooooooo sexy and elegant...like a real Lady!!!!!
All the pics are wonderful and your pack is soooooo funny!!!!
All of you are soooooo beautiful and sweet...
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....we would love were there with you and celebrate together!!!!
you're such a special family!!!
Thanks for sharing with us all your wonderful time!!!!
And we're soooo sorry for your mommy's photos....
we'll send you some of us in the snow soon!!!!
Can't wait to see the next part!!!!
WE LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tons of love and kisses and licks!!!

i said...

Happy & Blessed New Year to you & your mommy!

Glad to know you've got yourself a new computer!

You certainly look pretty in pink, Mona!